Will You Cum?

Custom Request: You are wearing a strapless (or low cut) dress and the camera should just focus on your face, breasts, shoulders and arms. You have to order me start masturbate and tease me with your tits, armpits (i am an armpitfetishist, so I would appreciate some closeups) and lips. After 10 seconds, you order me to stop and just look at you. After a couple of seconds you order me again to masturbate. You have to control my cock and orgasm. Please choose what you want for the end of the clip…let me cum or leave me without satisfaction.
So I have to stroke, when you say, and stop when you say. You are going to tease me with your sexy perfect armpits, tits and lips, while I am stroking, and forced to stop, that orgasm is creeping up, will you let me cum? Or will you make me suffer with blue balls? I love leaving my fate up to you!