30 Days Chastity Boyfriend Fuckover

Meggerz chastity cuckold

I’m so proud of you baby! You’ve made it the full 30 days! It’s finally time to unlock you and allow you to enjoy a rue orgasm. But first I really want to blow your mind. I’ve got something to tell you baby. Don’t worry, I haven’t been cheating on you cuz… well.. it’s not cheating if I’ve decided to cuck you.
That’s right. The whole time you were locked up in that cage I was out fucking quality dick. And now that I’ve had better I’m going to continue with better. And you’re not going anywhere are you, baby? I mean, you can walk out right now if you’d like. Or you can blow that 30 day pent up load for me but that will seal the deal that you’re my cuckold and I own you.