All Tied Up

Custom Request: You start by telling your boyfriend you have a challenge for him. You tell him you escaped from his challenge in 4 minutes and lets see if he can beat that with your challenge. He will need tape, a piece of rope, a long string and a set of handcuffs and the key.. You tell him he can trust you and that you will not take the key away. You tell him to take his clothes off and put the key on the table so he can see and find it if needed. After he has done this you tell him to tie his feet together with the knot if front. You reach under the camera to check that it is tight. Next you tell him to get on his knees and tie the string to the rope around his feet and pull it between his legs and tie it around his cock making it taut. You reach down to check it and act as though you are also tying it around his balls. Securing it tightly. Then you tell him to take the tape and put it over his mouth. When he finishes you tell him to put the handcuffs on behind his back.. You then start the time to get free. You tell him to stand up and get the keys but tease him when he cannot stand because the string would cut his balls off. You tease him how helpless he is and how you were able to get out of his challenge. You make fun of his mumbling under the gag and tell him how ridiculous he looks naked, handcuffed and gagged. You get a camera and take some pictures. You call his little step-sister on the phone and tell her that her step-brother needs to see her and he asked you to call her because he is a little tied up right now. You tell her to bring her camera. You him that she is coming and that she may get some payback for all the things you did to her when she was young. You leave