Caught with Your Pants Down

I call you into your bedroom with your wife downstairs, whispering to you how I’ve always had a thing for you. I ‘m so hot and horny on your bed and encourage you to take off your pants and show me what I’ve always dreamt of – your cock!

OH YEAH OH BABY – what? Am I too loud? Are you afraid she will hear us and catch you with your pants down and me on her bed? I grab your pants and take photos of you and us together. I even make a video with your hand on your cock and me whispering, oh baby into my phone. I give you my list of demands knowing with the photos I’ve got, there is no way you can deny me. And I leave you with your dick hard and orders to call your wife up to the bedroom after I head back downstairs to fuck her. Fuck her as if she were me.