trampling pov

Doormat’s Legs

leg domination
CUSTOM REQUEST: Would it be possible to create a clip where the camera is at your feet, very much like it is in the first part of the shox clip, where your legs are pretty much dominating the scene, visible as they are in the shox clip, with all your perfectly toned muscles, and where you are wearing some kind of other shoes (not sneakers) with nice dirty soles and you are addressing your doormat, which would be me. You tell me that I was born to consume the dirt from the bottom of your shoes, and that my purpose in life is to be there at the right moment when you enter your home and need to rub your shoes on my face, nose, cheeks, and tongue. You make the point of you being superior, above me, beautiful and successful, whereas I am beneath your shoes, licking away their bottoms, gulping in the dirt and thanking you with great reverence and joy.