Widdle Bay Weewee

What are you doing, huh? Why are you sitting there on the couch, fresh out of the shower in nothing but a towel knowing I was coming over here to sit tonight? Did you really think it was appropriate for me to see you this way? Am I embarrassing you or am I making your widdle pee pee feel funny? Go ahead and drop the towel for me so I can see what I’m doing to you.
WOW is that it? That’s all you have down there, a tiny widdle pee pee?! No wonder you are 40 years old and still a virgin. I’ve got to snap a few photos and show this baybe dick to my boyfriend. He’ll get a such a giant kick out of that tiny wee wee you have. So pathetic!
I don’t even want to see it anymore. We’re going to hide it away cuz that’s where that little thing belongs. Wrap you up and give you a little rub to protect you from rash… err oopsies! 10 seconds of rubbing that little peanut of yours was all it took… Bed time baybee, I’m calling the boyfriend over.