Chinky Penis

Female friend size check / SPH JOI / racial humiliation
You are a close female friend of mine in a college dorm. I come to talk to you about a sensitive topic and warn that you might feel uncomfortable. You reply : “we’re like best friends you can tell me anything”. I tell you that I’m a virgin and that I wanna get laid but am scared girls might think it’s small. You reply “Well this is awkward……Why don’t you let me take a look? I’ve seen a fair amount of dicks in my life so I can tell you if it’s small or not”. As I hesitate to pull my pants down you say “I’m sure it’s not that small you’re just being paranoid. Don’t worry I won’t laugh. I’m just trying to help you. Now pull your pants down”. I drop my boxers and you laugh hysterically and say “I’m sorry for laughing but that’s by far the smallest penis I’ve ever seen!” “It’s not that surprising though. We both know asian guys have the smallest penises in the”. You mention how babydicks are bigger than asian dicks. I blush and say it gets much bigger. You reply “Fine I’ll call your bluff. Start stroking your penis for me I wanna see how big it gets.” You make fun of me for having to use index finger and thumb to jerk off and mock me by demonstrating how I jerk off with your pinky and 2 fingers. You say that if you tried blowing me my penis would work like a toothpick. You mention how you’d never fuck an asian guy since asian guys have tiny boners. You say that you knew I’ve been fantasizing about you, but you say my penis is too small for you. You say that my chances of banging a girl is close to zero because there’s no condom out there that would fit me; you say that even ‘asian size’ condoms and xxs condoms would be way too big for me. You say that my penis is so small that even if I stuck it up your ass in your rest you’d have no trouble napping through it. You notice that i’m at my hardest and say how it’s still the size of your pinky. You call me a sick pervert for getting off to hot girls like you making fun of my penis size. You say that you’ve noticed my penis getting harder after each mean comment. You say that my penis is about the size of your clit and recommends me wear panties. You say that you heard asian guys can’t cum for since their balls are also so tiny. You feel up my balls and say it’s also very small. You ask me if I can even blow a load with a penis and balls this small. You demand me to cum on your palm following a countdown so you can see exactly how much cum comes out. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, cum! I dribble a few tiny drops of cum and you laugh hard saying you can cum(female ejaculation) more than that. You say with a load this small I couldn’t impregnate any women. You say ” So it is true…asian guys can barely cum”. You say you feel bad for being so mean but that you’re also being honest.
p.s : Through out the clip refer to my penis in various names for example.) small penis, small Pee pee, tiny dick, small ass boner, clitty, needle dick, pin dick, micro dick, noodle dick, or whatever you want to call it.