Old Man Cuck’s Mindfuck

old man cucks mindfuck

Listen up old man. Our “relationship” has run it’s course. I just don’t foresee Myself spending any more time with you… not like I gave you much to begin with. After all the thoughtful gifts and money you’ve put into Me, I know you’d be devastated to lose Me. Amusing to believe you thought we would go anywhere together… although I know I really worked magic on you. I consume your thoughts and know how brutally crushed you’d be if I walked out of your life.

So I’ve come up with two options. Which ever give you the most pained look on your face I’ve decided I will go with.

A. I just walk out. I give up any and all you throw before Me in attempts to keep Me. I don’t need anything from you. I have sexual desires and although you can buy My happiness you truly cannot give Me real sexual pleasure. A primal need. Unless…

B. I cuck you. As twisted as it sounds, as painful as it may be, you know it’s the only way to have Me. You love Me. Deeply. You’re curious about painful option B, I can tell. The look on your face is even more horrified than it was at the threat of Me walking away. It’s hard imagining Me deeply connected to another man while you work feverishly to sustain your connection with Me. But honestly, do you have any other choice?