chastity for husband

The Best Man

so… we’re getting leaving for our honeymoon tomorrow, but you have some news for me…. my best friend, John, (the best man at the wedding)…well u remind me how there’s always been sexual tension between u 2.. you can’t help it, he’s so much more attractive than i am, whenever he’s around u forget about me! well – he finally asked u to leave me! juuuuust b4 the wedding in fact! you laugh at his timing… and comment on how SO VERY tempted u were!

*don’t act like u feel bad or anything, u think i should be happy for u* but u tell me not to worry, u don’t have any plans to leave me, but this is great for us both, bcuz it means that u won’t have to settle for me!!! you can use me for whatever u want and then get all of the important stuff from him!! but obviously this means the honeymoon is going to have to change. this shouldn’t surprise me since you held his hand instead of mine and then kissed HIM after the vows!!! yes you acted like it was a simple mistake, but EVERYONE knew u wouldn’t have stepped right past me into his arms and then stayed there face to face with him for so long IF IT WAS A MISTAKE!! fortunately though, i’m a total idiot and you knew you could EASILY get away with it!

you admit that this is gonna be difficult for me, but i should learn to like it, cuz it’s what u want most and what u want SHOULD BE what i want. i should be very excited that u will be fucking john night and day now! everywhere all the time! it’s going to be wonderful! you guys got off to a wonderful start by fucking RIGHT AFTER he asked u to leave me! yah that means u had his cum inside u when we were getting married…you demand that i thank you for this. it makes you VERY HAPPY and so i need to be grateful for it. for you, it is even so exciting, the more that it hurts me, the better it makes u feel…. again u feel i need that in my life, so i can learn my place!

u tell me u JUST decided that in fact u do want me to go to the honeymoon… u guys will probably want a bitch there to take care of everything… drive u 2 around, to even fluff him for u… sometimes u might be tired and it’s my responsibility to make sure he’s ready for u.