my soles own you

Mind Body & Sole

CUSTOM REQUEST:Princess Meggerz feet will be the only feet you will ever worship for now on. Your mind, body and sole now belong to me and my feet. beg to be my number one foot bitch. You know you belong at the bottom of my feet and nowhere else. You want to worship these feet until the day you die dont you, I know you do, you cant live with out me anymore. I control you.
So for now on you pathetic little loser you will start to pay for all my pedicures. You will be the slave to buy me my flip flops and my shoes for my prefect feet. You just cant resist me.
Now that you belong to me I am going to put you in chastity and lock you up. This is about me and about my pleasure, not yours. You are only here to worship me and please me and my desires because you love my feetr, you love my toes and always want to touch yourself but guess what? I now have the key to your cock and you are powerless to me and will take all control away from you.
So now your mind will be on me and worshipping me every day and not on your little cock. You will learn to live for pleasing me and worshipping me and not pleasing your cock. You will be a total foot bitch for me an do what ever I say. You will be my little pathetic foot bitch cuckold for ever. You will live to smell and lick my feet no matter how dirty and smelly my feet are. You will only be allowed to stroke your pathetic cock when I allow you to.
So today is going to be the last day you will be allowed to cum and you will when I count down. you better because if you dont cum when i command it then you have lost your chance until i decide to let you out of chastity again and we know thats not going to be for some time. So go ahead lets begin the count down and your new life of servitude to my feet. 10………….