Feminist Roommates

Custom: She’s the viewer’s Feminist roommate. She’s an extreme Feminist who thinks that Women are Superior to men. It’s Her house/apartment, and She can kick the viewer out any time that She wants. She knows that he has nowhere else to live. She tells the viewer that She found his porn collection, and She’s disgusted by it because it’s offensive to Women. So She tells him that She threw all of his porn in the trash, and that, if he wants to continue living with Her, he’s going to have to get used to looking at the kind of porn that She likes. The porn that She likes is male on male gay porn, because, being a Female Supremacist, She doesn’t care about porn that’s degrading to men. She says that he is going to start watching gay porn with Her, and he is going to have to jerk off and cum to the guys on the screen, or else he’s out on the streets.