My Big Foot Dominates

My big size 9 foot dominates over Mz Devious’ little size 5 feet. Watch as My toes hang over the edges of her white flip flops and as My toes wrap around hers.
CUSTOM REQUEST:Feet Comparison-“If Mz Devious can bring her tiny white flip flops for you to try really quick for me to see would be cool.But the main part is for you two to sit flat on the floor legs flat facing each other going sole to sole with your heels on the floor s owe can get an accurate comparison. The camera angle on her side on the floor so I can see your feet tower over hers, you curling your toes over top of hers grabbing her feet while your heel is always on the floor. I hope it makes sense, please write me if you need me to be more specific. I want to see your soft perfect soles and toes swallow her little feet.I would love to hear your confidence and tell her how small she is,like a baby next to you”