Her Cleavage, Your Credit Card

So You find out I have a secret credit card to use for all my nasty little habits. More and more I am spending that card only on You. But that is not good enough for You. You want it all. You want the credit card number, access to my secret bank account, my PINs….everything! But I am not stupid. I would never give You access to all my information, would I? But You can be very persuasive when You want to be. I have never been one to fall for Your harsh verbal tactics, but what about if You surprise me and turn on the sensual sweet charm? Are my ‘manly’ defenses prepared to resist a tantalizingly enticing onslaught of Jasmine’s full powers? You know I love Your gorgeous breasts. If You weakened my puny little defenses long enough with Your big sexy tits, could I really keep any secrets from You? You know I want to give in. It feels soooooooo incredibly good to give in to Your tits! Just gawk at Your perfection and give You all those little secret numbers that would make You so happy. You even offer to let me write them down on a piece of paper and slip it right in between Your breasts. Imagine how good it would feel to put it right between Your breasts! It won’t be long before I have given You everything You want!