Cuckie “Peeps”

Oh hey, you know your ex and I were talking and she had a little story about you. I found it very informative yet pathetic too. She said you have this thing for feet. I mean I get it, feet are another sexy part of a woman’s body. But then she told me about “Peeps…” your little penis. I don’t believe her though, why don’t you go ahead a show me? <br/>Ha! It’s no wonder she’s with another man. That thing is tiny. Tiny little Peeps, conditioned to get stiff at the thought of her with a bigger cock, huh? Kneeling at the foot of the bed watching the bottoms of her feet bouncing around as she’s being pounded. Poor little Peeps. Why don’t you stare up at my feet and imagine you hear her moaning another mans name. I want to see pathetic Peeps in action.