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Even Lower Than a Foot Bitch

You want my feet and I know it. You can only orgasm to my toes and you do it daily. But that’s not low enough for you. No, you need my pee. You fantasize about being on your knees worshipping my pointed toes while my hot steamy piss drips all over your face and body.

Free The Nipple

Search the web for “tits.” They’re free. They’re everywhere. But you pay top dollar for mine. You even pay to be ripped off, denied, and rejected. No nipple for you.

Losing Focus

I’ve noticed that you’ve lost focus on the most important everything in your life. You’ve lost focus on me. And I’m not even quite sure I understand how that’s possible. The fact that you are deriving pleasure out of other time wasting activities is absurd. So let me give you one final reminder of what […]

Tongue My Asshole, Kiss Her Lips

You’d rather lick and kiss my asshole than your own wife’s lips. I know your dirty, filthy secret. And after you worship my rosebud, you’re to go home and plant a nice juicy kiss on your wife.

Cuckold Lover Humiliation

On the phone with my lover while you’re locked up listening to me talk about you. I tease you while I describe how pathetic you are, humiliating you. How do you feel bitch? He already knew the truth. So why am I here wasting my time on you while he’s waiting? You’ll always be here…

Danielle’s Daddie

What are you looking at? Oh you’re so gross. You’re My stepdad… I mean “d4ddy..” And I know why you married My m0m. You wanted to fuck My little pussy. So gross. A disgusting pervert lusting after Me. I know you wanna put your daddy dick into Me but I wouldn’t even jerk you off […]

Nipple Tease

Tease yes but ultimately rejection. You don’t deserve a woman like me. Once a sexual reject, always a sexual reject.

Foot Dust

You bought this clip to watch me shave my dry peeling foot skin as I talk about the foot bitches who buy it. There’s no denying how pathetic you are to be jerking to this.

Buying This Clip is Your Consent

The title pretty much says it all… You buy this clip and I have all the consent to post anything to expose or humiliate you. And trust me when you buy this clip, I see ALL your information. And I know how to use it to my advantage.

Daph and Kym Soft Soles

Daphney and Kym have soles to for. And you agree foot boy. So common over here and watch as they endlessly tease you with their feet while they they enjoy licking and sucking each others.

Cum On This

Tit so gorgeous, ass so tight- oh where oh where will I let him cum? Does the jerkaholic wanna cum on my tits? I bet he does. What about my ass? Too bad you’re going to cum all over your own face!

Sammie Spades Squishes Little You

What is that?! Is that a person? Wow, you’re a little man, huh? I almost stepped on you. You better watch out. You’re kinda like a little bug. If I did step on you, would you pop and crunch? Starting with your little arms, and on to your legs, and up to your head… *pop*