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Filthy Asshole Slave

Such a filthy fuck. You crave to sniff my asshole. It’s all you can think about, huh? Your nose so deep inside of me. I’m all you can smell and I’m all you can taste. Think of all the vile ways I can make your asshole treat even more delicious. Post workout. Or how about […]

It’s Expensive Owning a dick

What do you think the price of being born with a dick is? There’s a cum tax for every orgasm. There’s a fee for every hard on. The pleasure you feel is derived from financial sacrifice because you always have to pay to stroke. Stroking for me isn’t free. I can touch myself freely all […]

Gooners Gonna Goon

How many hours have you been edging yourself, gooning over me, mind fucking yourself. You don’t even know, you’re lost in yourself and lost in the desire. Stupid and eager, ready to cum at the snap of my fingers. No countdown, nothing. So worked it that a snap is all it takes to explode. I […]

Site Update

I am going to close my members site for the time being. The credit card processor wants renewal with all sorts of stipulations and I am currently not in the position to go through my whole site and edit it. I believe this will take place end of OCT. I assume once epoch stops processing […]

Tits Rule Men

So close to my little nipples, just a little slip is all you need. It’s all it takes. Do you know what my tits are best at? Denying men like you. They take you for a ride on the money train. Keep spending and spending, doing whatever it takes to get another tease, another wank […]

My Thoughts on you

A pathetic bitch. Here when I want you and put of my mind when I’ve got better things to do. I will always own you. I will always control you. And seeing your hard on grow before my degrading and humiliating words is only further confirmation that you are MINE. You throb when you think […]

Shiny Tit JOI

I make you beg, weak and on your knees. I love flaunting my big tits. Stroke with me as I grab my shiny tits and jerk up and down. Beg for your orgasm, tit bitch.

Teased and Denied

Do you realize how mind numbingly easy boys are to control? You make it so stupid easy for me. You goon and you drool. You can’t help yourself. So pathetic. You’re mind fucking your own self to me. Keep edging, keep stroking. Always chasing my sweet release.

100 Day Release

You, my good boy, have made it 100 days. Selflessly obedient and always eager to please. You earned this release. And soon you will be collared and given the honor to be mine forever. My good boy, forever and always. Til de ath do us part. Enjoy your slow, sensual, guided release. It’s going to […]

Tit Worship Mind Fuck

Edging, gooning. You need me. You need to orgasm for me, at my command. So powerful and so sexy. And I have all the power to giveth and I have all the power to takith it all away. Molded so perfectly into the weakened mind fucked tit obsessed zombie puppet I want.

Zip & Drip

Up and down, up and down. I zip. You drip. Open that wallet, like a good boy does and please me. Dripping and zipping. Funding my greed. My tits make you weak and you cannot resist sending tribute.

Double Fucked and Sniff

Look at you! Unlocked and ready to rock. You’ve got your vile to sniff, your pocket pussy to fuck, and your dildo to fuck that cunt. Expect a massive explosion before we lock you back up and deny you for the next 30… 60… 90? days. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Beautiful Feet

You exist solely to be a good foot boy for me. I allow you to stare, kiss, and worship. Admire my beautiful wrinkles. My feet are a true work of art. And as much as I love you worshipping my feet… I know you love worshipping them more.

Jerk Off Edging Challenge

Calling all my jerk off junkies, all my tit bitches, all my gooners & edgers. Now’s your chance to prove yourself to me. I’m pitting you all against each other in this jerk off challenge! The rules are simple: You watch this clip over and over on loop. You jerk and you edge. Stroke and […]

Drink With Me

Hey boy, wanna come hang out… have a little drink? I bet I Can throw back more than you! Oh My, this is really getting to me… I’m feeling pretty tipsy. How about you? Let’s do more! More! More! Now you’re feeling it. Open that wallet and gimmie!

BBC Drained

The BBC needs to be drained of every last drop. Stroke it, you stroke that bbc for me and you cum on command. Over and over again, pump pump pump that bbc until I’ve drained it dry.

The Loser Stroke

Stroke to me and then stroke to my fingers. You know, that sexy little L symbol that gets you so worked up. Pump it, loser. And let me remind you how easy this is for me. You’re so eager to gobble up any sort of loser humiliation that all I have to to is stand […]

Lap It Up

In order to watch this clip you MUST already have a shot of your own cum ready to play with. Tara talks you through how easily it can and will be to just dip in a finger or dribble a little in your palm to dip your tongue in. What’s a taste? One little lick […]

Invest in Us

You can’t enjoy the stroke, your orgasm isn’t as fulfilling without truly knowing you’ve done everything you possibly can do to please me. You put me first. But you can’t do that because you have baggage, don’t you? You could easily sneak off and bang one out behind her back but it’s not the same. […]

Cock Sucking Tit Loving Faggot

Fat cock or juicy tits? Which one drives you most wild? I know it’s so hard for you to decide which one you crave more. You desire the taste of delicious cock but you also can’t get off without stroking it for my tits. How about a little peek at both. Stroking off staring at […]

The Boot Sucking Whore

Amai Liu calls her boot slave over, opens his mouth, and commands him to suck. Suck the hell like a sweet cock, lick the toes like the head of a cock. Faster, faster. She takes her boot and hooks it around the back of his head her slave to suck faster and harder, the way […]

Wallet Fuck

Tell me how much fun you had last night. It was so hot. The harder I drained you the easier it was. Tribute after tribute. I snapped effortlessly and you jumped. But I want more. I always want more. And it’s you responsibility to give it to me.

The Girl Next Door

No leather or latex. No whips, no chains. I don’t need any of that. I know my natural power over men. And I know how hot it is seeing me relaxed in pajamas, a true intimate state. So cute and innocent. Ready to fuck you over. Kiss my ass, bend over backwards for me. It’s […]

Big Foot

Come up close, worship every wrinkle, every inch of Jasmine’s long size 11 feet. Let’s try a challenge. Open up that mouth and gag! Take it all in. Her red toe nail polish all the way down to her heels. Mmm now start sucking the toes. The big toe first… slowly unto each little toe. […]

Stroke & Sniff JOI Game

Locked up and waiting my instruction. I tease you until you are throbbing in agony against your cage. I want the removal of chastity to be extremely enjoyable. But will I allow orgasm? You sniff and you stroke to my countdown with a fun little twist at the end. Will you or won’t you fuck […]

Countdown to Cum

You’re all worked up. We’re not starting fresh. You’ve been stroking, dripping, edging… ready to explode at the snap of my fingers. Edging and holding back for my permission. Jerking off under my control. Squeeze stroke and stop for me. Counting you down and stopping right before orgasm. You’re an edging champ.

Grade A White Meat

Check out this milky white skin. White as snow. To think Sarah would ever make a swirl with your chocolate skin. You can jerk off to the thought of ever getting to smell her sweet sexy white toes. Haha you like that darky boy? Her beautiful pink white toes against your burnt tongue.

She Knows

You know she knows, right? She knows all about us. About your dirty little secret, your filthy habit. And I’ve convinced her not to leave you, yet I’m also the one who told her. This whole time you thought we had a mutually beneficial relationship. You pay me and I help you orgasm. But what […]

Ignoring your Small Dicklet

Your pathetic dicklet doesn’t deserve to cum to me. You don’t deserve a woman. Don’t even touch it. Punish it by ignoring it. All the attention is on me, my tease, and not what’s throbbing between your legs. Keep it in your pants loser.

Teeny White Weenie

There’s no bigger turn off then a tiny white weenie. Yes, Sierra said it. She likes BIG BLACK COCK. The size of her arm. Not your little limpy. Nothing like having a ‘man’ pull down his pants only to expose his deep dark secret. Being laughed out of your tiny boner has become the norm […]