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The Habit of Porn

You can’t break the habit. You pick up a tablet or sit down at your computer desk and start twitching in your pants. You’re subconsciously becoming aroused. The habit is strong. You might not even notice what’s happening to you until you leak a little pre cum. You weren’t even thinking about watching porn but […]

Cum To Cock Sucking Hubby

Star Nine was going to fuck you but… you’re so unsatisfying now. So Star would rather lay on the bed and watch porn… GAY PORN. That’s what she wants. Nice big working cock, not your useless pathetic dangling little thing. So rather than cheating on you, she offers to watch YOU suck big black cock […]

Pussy = Pain

pussy = punishment We’re going to give up women all together. And this Kali’s device you’ve purchased… what kind of straight man would choose to have metal spikes sear into his flesh at the thought of pussy. The fantasy of a woman will never arouse you again. It will only leave you with a useless […]

Bound to Me

Concentrate on my fingers, my body, my voice. Play my clip daily, I am your daily affirmation. The addiction has started. I am… What you crave. What you need. What you desire. To worship and obey. Awaiting to be collared and at my beck and call. Stroking respectfully and always denying yourself until I grant […]

10 Toes – 10 Strokes – Blow

It’s so easily manipulated, isn’t it? Your penis can’t help engorging at the simple site of Isobel’s pretty little red toes in her dark and mesmerizing fishnet stockings. She’s quite perfect, isn’t she? Oh and she’s even going to work you up and give you a cum countdown, how special do you feel? The little […]

Foot Assassin

Back Story: To capture you I’ve discovered your foot fetish and with the help of evil scientists, devised a serum that would render you oblivious whenever exposed to the one thing you couldn’t resist: My feet. I’ve slipped you the serum, seduced you into worshipping your feet… you fade out, and I capture you. Basically, […]

Drip for Tits

Irresistible. You’re dripping for me. Edging yourself. Each drop a mini orgasm. Drip Drip Drip Prolonging the orgasm and delaying the gratification to enjoy the drip from your tip.

Rim Licker

Sarah Diavola and Jolene Hexx know what a sick fuck you are. Seeing that little piss stain on the rim of the toilet and you go crazy. You want to impress them so bad you get on your knees and lick it all up. You do anything they tell you to. One stupid, sick fuck.

Suck It Boss

I’m going to make this quick and easy for the both of us. I’m not happy with what I’m getting paid and I know you’re willing to pay me more. And you know how I know this? Let’s just say that it’s pretty obvious that you’ve been checking out my feet in the office. Which […]

Rachel’s 5 Minute Tease Game

Just one look at Rachel and your cock rages from a wimpy little limpy to a raging stiffy. So Rachel decides to play a little game with you…5 minutes to blow. You can’t go before she gives you the ok. Can that little cock of yours last a full 5 minutes? Well it’s sure as […]

Aching Chastity Dribble

The keys to your achy cock trace my cleavage. Suffer for me. I love fucking with your mind while I’ve got your cock completely under my control. The pressure’s building and it feels so good to suffer to my tease. Cum for me in that cage. Dribble dribble drip drip…

Stupid for Sexy Shine

My shine makes you stupid. It makes you want to stroke and spend. Slutty shine makes you stupid, stroke, and spend. Stroke Spend Stroke Spend

Jolene’s Stinky Sweaty Feet

Jolene knows how sweaty her feet become after a long day at the gym. And she absolutely enjoys making her little foot slave suffer as she teases him with each shoe, sock, and eventually her moist bare feet. Her little foot whore is handcuffed and unable to fight her. He knows even if he tires […]

Loser Porn

Stroke as I mock your pathetic cock. Stroking to my middle finger and to my laugh. Stroke to everything perfect and holy. Because you’re a loser and loser’s prefer to be humiliated and emasculated. Loser’s can’t watch “normal” porn because it’s not what a loser is into. A loser needs to be degraded to get […]

Wannabe Faggot

A wanna be faggot. So confused and mentally fucked I bet I could push you over the edge. If I had you, I guarantee you’d drop to your knees and beg to take cock but I’d never take you on because you’re a sorry sad excuse, a fucked up head case, too pussy to even […]

High Arches, Wrinkled Soles

So we heard you like feet… feet, soles, toes, wrinkles, arches… you name it we’ve got it to tease you with. Point and flex. Haha you love when our wrinkled feet and such high arches. So let’s play a little game of simon says… kiss, lick… I wonder what we will have you doing.

Tits JOI

Let your cock throb as I squeeze and rub myself. Let the pre cum ooze out of the head. This tease is so hot. Stroke for me.

White Dream

You love hearing that magical “N” word roll off a white woman’s lips. You know the truth. Enjoi as I flaunt my superior white body and verbally fuck with your head.

Sexual Chocolate

One look is all it takes to become instantly addicted to such beauty. But a girl like Shea will never have a loser like you. Get real. You’re a creepy perv, old and lonely and she’s such a hot goddess. Oh not to mention that tiny penis of yours. It’s quite obvious with you down […]

How To Findom

I received this email, “Dear Ms Meggerz. I recently stumbled upon some of your videos on my friend’s computer. All of the clips were bratty and involved being manipulated financially. Sure, I admit I’ve been able to get him to buy me a few little things; coffee, some makeup… but I didn’t realize it was […]

Filthy Heel Bitch

Eagerly waiting at the foot of my bed, always ready for any command. Tell me how gratifying it is being my bitch, used at every beckon call. I snap and you kiss the bottom of my dirty heel. You want to take the filth from my heel and make out with it? Beg me. Make […]

Hannah’s Hose

Come a little closer… closer.. that’s right. Press your nose right up to the mesh that encases My sexy legs, feet, and toes. Inhale nice and deep. Mmmm the smell of woman is overpowering and overwhelming. You don’t know what else to do with yourself but to give into Hannah’s words.

Resist Tit

I challenge you to carry on a conversation with me and keep your eyes UP here and your head nice and clear. Call me out if I lie. Prove me wrong… not all men are weak when it comes to cleavage. Right? Prove to me some men do have self control. But you can’t resist […]

30 Second Bet

You know you are my “friend” and I’d like to go out to drinks tonight with a clear conscience so I will give you another chance to prove you can handle me. So here’s the new deal. You last a whopping 30 seconds (because we all know a measly one minute was just waaaay toooo […]

Cuckold’s Place

The scraps Mistress Tiffany throws at you are more then you deserve. Living through her sex life in order to satisfy yourself. How utterly lame and pathetic. You are truly a loser. But I guess all considering, it’s the best sex you’ll get.

Firm Pressure

Always hungry for your next wank. Desperately, pathetically waiting for permission to stroke yourself into oblivion, aren’t you? My little bitch, he wants to stroke his cock to my instruction while I tease, deny, edge, tease more… You’re throbbing and dripping waiting for permission to stroke. But all I want you to do grip it […]

1 Minute Bet

You’re my friend and you can’t stop ogling me. And I know you wouldn’t be able to even touch me without blowing it in your pants. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt through a little bet. IF you can last ONE minute while I tease you without losing it in your pants, […]

Her Cleavage, Your Credit Card

So You find out I have a secret credit card to use for all my nasty little habits. More and more I am spending that card only on You. But that is not good enough for You. You want it all. You want the credit card number, access to my secret bank account, my PINs….everything! […]

Pleasing Me With Cash

You always back come to me, no matter what the price. You’ll do as I say. Hands off while you stare at me and worship me. Denying yourself with the satisfaction of knowing you benefit me in the way I choose. And of course I’m going to enjoy my own touch even if you aren’t. […]

Suck Me Off Cumwhore

You’re drooling at the sight of my cock. Don’t even bother wiping it up, you’re going to use it to moisten your lips and pucker up. Crawl on over here and look at it. So thick and veiny. Kiss it. That’s a good faggot. Kiss it sexy and sensually, make sweet love to my cock […]