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Shrunk to Nothing

Shorter than me, barefoot? You really are pathetic and a Goddess like myself deserves to be looked up to. You’re inferior and you will SHRINK! Shorter and shorter. Right below my tits. What a view. But I’m not done. SHRINK! So small you have to jump to kiss my ass. SHRINK Worship my foot little […]

Chinky Penis

Female friend size check / SPH JOI / racial humiliation You are a close female friend of mine in a college dorm. I come to talk to you about a sensitive topic and warn that you might feel uncomfortable. You reply : “we’re like best friends you can tell me anything”. I tell you that […]

CEI Junkie

We bang an on orgasm out of you right from the get go. I know it’s only takes a matter of seconds for you to explode anyways. You’ve been edging for some time now. POP Now you chose your own fate. Will you bang another load out for me or will you be forced to […]

Is That A Diaper?

OMG! A grown man willingly in a diaper. What’s wrong with you? Do you wanna be a widdle baby? Huh? Here I have a binky for you. Open wide baby. Ew did the baby make a stinky? Yuck.

SPH Bikini Tease

Markypoo was spying on me while tanning. What is that Marky? Is that your little micro weener? I tease him with my body, my ass, my feet, my tits in order to encourage his little pecker to grow. *Custom clip with name used!*

Best Tits Ever

I’ve got the best tits ever. I know this. I’ve been told by multiple partners and it’s no surprise. Just look at them. And as much as you’ve paid to look at them, you could have paid for your own pair on a women who might actually let you enjoy them fully. Instead, you’ve spent […]

Giantess Crush

Eww look at you down there like a little bug. Do you know how powerless you are? I could crush you at any moment. You better shiver in fear. Any minute now and My giant foot will smash you into the floor, crushing all your bones.

Most Humiliating Jerk

You’re going to listen to me while I instruct you on stroking yourself, jerking to exactly what I want you to be staring at. And trust me, it’s not going to be arousing or pretty. Who knows what filth I can come up with. So first I’m going to prime you. You watch my tease […]

Sweaty Stank

Nikki loves working out and she sweats like crazy! No come here you little slave bot and stick your face into her crotch and take giant wiff. Smells funky? Yea just wait til she smothers you with her sweaty ass. MMM

Sister’s New Tits

Looks like my little bro forgot to delete the evidence. He text himself my sexy photos from my phone and I can only assume he was trying to catch me topless because I just got my boobs done. I tease and embarrass him. What kind of freak tries to see his sister’s tits? But just […]

Describe You Addiction

I understand you’ve become accustomed to so many fetishes that this task could be tough one for you. The more you interact with me, the deeper you fall and the lower you need to fall in order to achieve the same thrill. Tell me what you edge to, tell me as of right now, who […]

Danica’s Ass

your obsession with ALL ass is about to end here. Once you listen to Danica tease you and rub her ass in your face, you will know there is no other ass for you.

You Fuck Nothing

You don’t deserve to fuck pussy. Nor do you even deserve the pleasure of fucking your own f1st. You hump the air, you fuck that nothing like it’s the best thing you ever put your dick into. And you notice the handcuffs? They are to ensure no touching.