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Superior White Ass

You know disgusts me even more than Ns? Ns who can’t keep their eyes off my thick white ass. Crawl over to me N and kiss it. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Dirty Toms

I’m auctioning off my old Tom flats. Stinky, sweaty, salty delicious! Listen to me mock your foot obsession and watch me tease you into oblivion. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

A Virgin hahaha

So much for that 3 some. Tiny penis plus virgin = FAIL. Maybe it’s not fully hard. I mean we were going to do you a favor and let you break in your virgin cock but DAMN is it small. There really is nothing we can do with that but laugh. And now if you […]

Faggot for BBC

You can’t hide it. At the site of this BBC your little clitty’s throbbing. You’ve got that look on your face and you’re salivating. You’re a faggot for big black cock. Come on, tell d4ddy you’re a faggot for big black cock. Louder. “I’m a faggot for big black cock!” Suck it whore. Suck it […]

Oiled Soles

So slippery, so shiny, so soft. Imagine my feet wrapped around your cock, teasing it and jerking it. How hot would that be? | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Caged Up

Just an unattractive loser trapped in our cage. What grown man allows 2 women to cuckold him and keep him in a cage? haha And you love when we sit on the cage lapping up the post second hand cum that dribbles down onto your face. Festered cum. mmmm get used to swallowing sloppy seconds. […]

Sheer Leggings Tease

Something about the sheer fabric, isn’t it? You don’t want a clear view of my nude ass. No. What turns you on is the tease. Following the seam up my ass crack, able to see my skin and thong. Following behind me on a walk, staring at my ass in leggings is so hot. Watching […]

Earning a RT Foot Session

A little flat dangling. A little sole teasing. You’re so in love with my soft wrinkled wide feet. What you’d sacrifice to kiss every toe, lick every crevice. And here’s how you do it… | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Tiffany’s Body

Just look at her loser. Take her all in. She’s perfect. And you are just some poor pathetic old sap paying to bask in her glory. you would pay all day long to sit back and stare at beauty like this. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Edging – Play Me On Repeat

So sensual, so hot. Keep jerking. You realize this is a game. It’s not one clip to stroke to. You hold on as long as you can. Replay. Edge edge edge, all night long Replay. Play me on repeat. Impress me. You’ve slept on those blue balls? Congrats! You’re officially a loser. But are you […]

I Let Everyone Cum But You

You wanna be a good bitch for me, I know. You want to stare at me, enjoy me, and get permission to be used and abused… and to stroke for me. But the one thing I’ll never give you, I’ll never allow you the pleasure of cumming to me. Not you. My other boys, when […]

Sniff the Sweat

Yep, common over here loser and sniff up Danica’s funk. Take big inhales of My sweaty ass and pits! Fresh funk from the gym. Nice and cheesy but you love it. Freak. you love the fresh rip smell of a women after a nice workout. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Sheer Nipple Stroke

You’ve been dying for this view so go ahead, jerk off. You’ve earned it. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Born To Obey

Little nagging twitches… constant reminders that you need me. You achieve my permission to stroke by obeying me. The urge is growing stronger. Becoming harder and harder… to ignore. But you will not stoke and you certainly will not cum without my permission. You were born to serve, born to obey. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY […]

Nikki’s Knee Socks

you wanna sniff and smell Nikki’s knee socks. She’s going to shove them into your face and you’re going to take a giant whiff. Go on, get hard. Get hard to Nikki’s feet. She wiggles her toes in your face and then slowly strips off her knee socks. Once her bare toes are out there […]