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Mummy’s Panty Sniffer Caught

Poor perverted little boy. Caught sniffing mummy’s panties. How could you? What were you thinking? And what do you think would happen if mummy spilled your little secret? Would you lose all your friends you dirty boy? What’s wrong with you?

The Tit Fix

Enjoy my tits. Throb and edge. Stroke, stroke stroke! You can handle this tease, the tease of all teases. I finally take it off. All off. Just for you.

Cuckold Cock Tease

My leather gloved hands wrapped around my lover’s cock drives you wild. He gets to enjoy my dark lips and tongue teasing his cock. His cock enjoys the leather of my driving gloves as I stroke him. Watch me take him and deny you. All my cuckold gets to experience is jealousy as the leather […]

Pumpkin Fucker

Hump that pumpkin fucker. Common moan for it. You moan for that pumpkin because you love being humiliated by Sarah as she instructs you on how to fuck the pumpkin.

Anklet Stuffed Foot Worship

Add my socks to your collection. Pay any price. Break the bank if you have to. That’s how much these stinky cute but filthy socks of mine have got you hotter than you’ve ever imagined you’d be. Sniff my moist sock. Taste my sweet sweat inside your mouth. Stroking away stuffed full of my socks. […]

Johannie & Your Small Penis

Johannie tried her best to turn you on, she really did but it’s obvious that your little penis isn’t going to grow any bigger. And boy, is that a disappointment. It’s smaller than her lipstick. It’s tiny. Pathetic. Not ever worth a fuck.

Born & Breed

Inferior, like a pet of mine basking in my attention. Born and breed a slave to serve superior white women. And I’m not racist, I can get away with calling you the “N” word. You can’t deny the shivers it sends down your spine as I tease and dehumanize you.

Pussyless for P opp ers and Cock

Swear off pussy because pussy equals pain. Pussy equals punishment. You wear you a spiked device to reinforce that. And you know how I really know you don’t need pussy? Because you have a useless dick. It’s so unreliable, it doesn’t even get hard half the time. It’s not pussy that gets your clitty hot […]

Jasmine Puts Her Foot Down

She’s tired of being run into the ground by such demanding boss… so she blows her special shrinking powder right into his face and watches him go down, down down. Tiny little worthless man. Who’s the boss now? Now you take the orders Jasmine gives or else she could simply squish you! You better listen […]

Big Black Cock Whore

You think because you called off your little arrangement to be fucked by a BBC because you couldn’t take his 9 inch cock up your ass, that it didn’t count? That you’re not a little whore faggot? Seriously now, you were on your knees sucking his big black cock dressed up like a little slut. […]

Big Beautiful Black Ass

Such a petite little thing with a nice juicy round booty! Shea knows you want it, in fact you NEED it but you’re not getting it. Not with that tiny cock you’re packing in your panties. So keep staring up at it and dreaming about how nice it would be to rest your face on […]

Pathetic for Orgasm

When’s the last time you enjoyed tease without humiliation or rejection? You don’t deserve it because you are a loser. And to top it all off, you’re paying for it. My body, my tits, my ass are so hot but you need my middle finger blocking the view to throb and blow. Your orgasm’s pathetic, […]

Miss Tiffany’s Naked Toes

Tiffany talks about her bare naked toes. She points and wiggles em. She calls them feet and describes picking up items. She’s got pretty arches and wrinkled soles.

Loser 4 Life

Do you even realize what you’re doing? You’re wasting your life when you could be out there at least attempting to get laid. But what are you doing right now? Jerking off. Jerking off to me humiliating you for being a loser, none the less rather than looking for pussy. I mean you could at […]

Topping Me Mind Fuck

I’m really here to serve you, aren’t I? this is your fantasy, your fetish and I’m just a little puppet acting it all out for you? I turn you on and get you off, huh? I tease as you edge. And now you’re ready to cum for me. Let me tease it out of you. […]

Suite Life

Ahh the sweet life. Vegas. Living it up off your dime. How does it feel knowing we live in luxury, chillin in our penthouse suite while you slave away all day long at work to fund this lavish play? It feels amazing. We know. And we verbally rip you to shreds despite your attempts to […]

Doctor’s Feet Cure Erectile Dysfunction

You’ve come to see me for erectile dysfunction and I have the cure. Undress from the waist down for me and stare at my feet. That’s a good boy, you see it’s growing? Now stroke it. Good boy, now let’s hurry this along, I have more patients waiting. 10.. 9.. 8. Look at that, you […]

Pretty Toes In Sheer Hose

I slowly slip my foot out of my heel and dangle it. The dangle drives you wild. My toes wiggling behind the thin fabric of my hose turns you on. Pretty toes in sheer hose. Embrace my foot, slide it against your face and sniff.

Boss’s Stinky Pantyhose Massage

Such a long day, you know it’s hard being the boss… oh wait, you don’t. Ha! But you do want to be my favorite employee… or if you want to keep that job of yours come massage my feet. Take a big whiff of the stinky sweaty hose. Don’t be shy footboy, I know you’ve […]

Pussy Worship

You don’t stroke. You worship. You kneel before my powerful pussy and suffer the denial.

Caged Clitty

I’ve got the keys not to your cock but you your sissy clitty. Because good girls don’t make dirty messes. Good girls look pretty and enjoy the tease. Sissy’s clitty is better locked up than rubbed. Clitty is throbbing and wet for me? I bet if I allowed you to hum a pillow for me […]

Hannah’s Big New Tits

They make you so hard. They feel so nice. Keep thinking about them… and what’s underneath her little top. She’s not going to show you that but she doesn’t need too. You keep imagining what it would like to put that dick in between her tits and she will ensure you will like what happens […]

Foot Puppet

My feet own your cock. One rule. Only when you see my bare feet do you cum. But as soon as that cum starts to hit the tip of your cock, you let go. A ruined orgasm for my perfect feet. You edge as I strip off my sneakers and socks and you cum when […]

How a REAL submissive Serves

You want to be my slave and you’re connived you know what it takes to serve me? You’ve got to be kidding me. Just because you’re on your knees doesn’t mean you can handle me. It’s not about me teasing you. It’s you proving to me that you will drop as low as I command. […]

Tara’s Asshole

Sweet and sexy, Tara teases you until you’re nice and hard and then shoves her asshole in your face. LICK IT! Yeah, that’s right, you will be her little toilet bitch. Her human toilet paper. You will lick her nice and clean and you will learn to love it.

My Dirty Waste Hole

You’re a s4it fucker. And only filthy fucks want to fuck filthy fuck holes. You want to pound my hole and pull your dick out smeared in my warm waste. The nastier I am describing how you want it, the horny you become.

Masturbation Mocking

Pull it out, I want to see it throb. I want to see it drip and beg to be touched. I want to know exactly what I do to that pathetic dick. Rock solid and still not good enough for a woman. Thank god you have a f1st. Grip it with your little fingers and […]

Danielle’s Little Bitch

You prepare Me for sex, loser. You spend your hard earned cash on sexy lingerie for Me and My men to enjoy on Me. Keep dreaming if you think I’d ever fuck something at pathetic as you. You know you’re only good for one thing and that’s ensuring I am well taken care of for […]

Masturbation Humiliation

Your dick won’t let you stop obsessing over me. Such a time consuming habit. Do you remember the days when you used to get pussy? Did you ever get pussy or were you always a pathetic f1st fucking loser? I’m sure you’ve been denied a lot of pussy. So pathetic you can only buy my […]