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Orgasm Control Calendar Follow Up

If you are or have followed my Orgasm Control Calendar, purchase this. If you haven’t taken the plunge and purchased my orgasm control calendar, buy it and enjoy my control over you.

My Pussy

This is as close as you will ever cum to my pussy… or is it? You need to smell me, to taste me. And the closet thing you will get is owning a pair of my panties. Not only do I tease and fuck with your head, I give you instructions on how to own […]

Cuckold’s Place

The scraps Mistress Tiffany throws at you are more then you deserve. Living through her sex life in order to satisfy yourself. How utterly lame and pathetic. You are truly a loser. But I guess all considering, it’s the best sex you’ll get.

One Lick

My friend let’s me borrow her little play toy (you) and I just cant get enough. I toy and tease with you. I threaten you… all in good fun but she warn me not to take a lick though, one lick just wouldn’t be enough…

Danica’s Knee Socks

Danica teases you with her sexy legs hugged by a pair of sporty knee socks. Wouldn’t you love yo get down on your knees before her as she rubs her socks together creating that stinky friction? MMM yes you would footboy.

Sneaker Sniffer

My sweaty socks make you hot. My stinky shoes drive you wild. Sniff bitch, sniff. And because I know just how horny the scent makes you, I put my bare feet back into the shoes and really marinate my smell.

Fucked in Both Ends

One in the face and one in the ass. Come here you little cock slut. OPEN WIDE!! And We promise not to use any lube either. Why bother. A stupid cock slut like you should know how to handle thick sticks. Now as Jasmine grabs the back of your head and rams your throat, I […]

Addicted to Hung BBC

Why are there so many videos of hung big black cocked studs jerking off on your phone? Are you a faggot for big black cock? I bet you wish that was you being pumped and sucking. You filthy faggot.

Dirty Stripper Heels

MMMMM footboy! Open that mouth and stick out that tongue. you’re going to be the official new cleaner of Roxie’s old stripper heels. All the dirt and sweat stuck to the sides of the clear plastic will be licked off and shine like new after Roxie is done with you!

Sock Ignore

Why even bothering to follow your custom script, all you foot boys are the same. Weak for soles that make you drip. So why not throw a little twist on things… you get to jerk off… but only to mu gym socks.

Armpit Destruction

Tell me, how much money have my armpits drained from you? How humiliated do you feel after they drain you? You love my armpits so much, you’d leave her for them. You’re nothing without me and you take whatever little scraps I throw at you.