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Loser Syndrome

Poor chronic jerk off addict, It’s not terminal but the symptoms of a loser are persistent and they’re strong. You’re about to suffer a masturbation fit. There is no resisting. The only treatment is humiliation and loser abuse. The loser needs his fix and I’m here to deliver the only cure.

Fat Spanish Ass

Laila taunts you with her big Spanish ass. She teases you with a few Spanish phrases and really gets your dick pumping full of to that big round thing of hers.

Cuck Lover

I don’t know baby, I don’t know why you’re such a pathetic excuse for a man. I guess you were just born that way and I so happened to sniff out your money. And it’s not my fault I took advantage of your weaknesses and you’re attraction to me. I was upfront about being your […]

Dirty Feet Lickup

Oh yea you are going to be of some use foot boy. Open that mouth as we drag our nasty feet over your tongue. Mmmm you love it. We wanna see your mouth turn black with filth from out feet.

5 Strokes

Stay with me now. NO STROKING! I tease, tease, tease until your cock is ready to explode but NO STROKING! Ok ready? 5 STROKES! Did you fail to cum? One more time. 5 STROKES!

Tit Worship Compilation

Pay To Obey Me

Addicted. You’re so easy to pick apart. Too easy to crawl inside of and fuck from the inside out. Weaker. Ready to crack. Pay To Obey Me

Tit Devotion

You are nothing before me. Show me the devotion you have for me. Worship me. I am a goddess and you are at my altar. Impress me, prove yourself to me

Elan’s Feet

Oh Elan knows how bad you love her little Asian feet and it’s true, you really can’t resist the temptation of her. Smooth soft yellow soles drive you wild.

Depositing His BBC Seed Inside You

Since you’re such a faggot for black dick, do you know what I went ahead and did for you? I went ahead and found you a fat thick delicious looking chocolate dick to suck and fuck for me. Balls deep and bbc pounding away at you, depositing his seed and impregnating my whore. You heard […]

Pathetic Peeks

Come on, take a peek. Take your little peek before I take it away from you. You know better, you don’t deserve to stroke your loser stick to my body. A pathetic loser sneaking peeks to stroke his little dicklet. And either you’re too young and pathetic to ever learn or too old and pathetic […]

Bella’s Ripped Hose

Bella needs to relax after a long day and luckily for you the position of foot sniffer opened up. Common take a nice wiff. Smash your face right into her pretty feet.

I Own You

Beg to stroke my cock. I own it now. Beg to stroke and be denied. I tease the pre cum out of you with my tits and ass and laugh at your suffering.

Dick Pic Review

Remember when I solicited dick pics? Did you really think I’d rate your hard dick for free? EW GROSS NO But… just maybe I’ll make an exception for your remorseful, regretful, post cum- back from subspace soft pathetic loser dick. I wanna see your pitiful cock and it’s little puddle instead.