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Alpha’s Foot Cuck

He’s on the phone and you’re at the foot of my bed. Don’t worry he’ll be home in an hour… but you’re not allowed to touch my feet until your master arrives. You listen to me describe what we plan to do with you at the foot of our bed until I hang up and […]

Total Jerk Off Control

How long do you spend stroking to me, hmmm? How many hours of your day to I consume? Minimum of an hour a day? Only 7 hours a week? I want more. Constantly trying to fit in all your jerk time. But I’ll warn you, double is going to soon prove not to be enough. […]

3 Minutes To Cum Countdown

Can you last 3 minutes? Isobel is actually giving you 3 minutes of her insanely hot teasing time! Can you handle it? Can you actually hang and hold back for 3 minutes? Such a short period of time but watching her slowly drag her hands up and down that body is really going to put […]

Diet Coaching

Hey you filthy fat fuck! You know the whole body positive movement, it’s a crock. You’re fat and deserve the shame. You love being called a pig and humiliated for your disgusting habit. But on the other hand, you want to get in shape for me. So here’s exactly what I’m going to do with […]

Relinquishing All Control

Relinquishing all control is your dream. It’s easier not to think. And if I decide to accept you, your world will be completely dictated by me. How are you going to convince me to take time out of my life to control you? Why should I let you pay me for the responsibility of locking […]

Controlled Caged Up Garage Cuckold

Dre’s got you caged up and under her complete control. She controls what and when you eat, when you rest, play time, and if you’re lucky, little cucky treats. Don’t worry, she will be sure to parade her new boyfriends by you as she leads them into the house to fuck. I mean, that’s more […]

Vicious Spend Stroke Cycle

You’ll pay whatever I want. You always fall into my trap. You can’t quit my vicious spend to stroke cycle. Stroke Spend Stroke Spend Worshipping my every move. Round and round my super spender tumbles.

Even Escorts Reject You

You’ve hired me to lose your virginity… Oh sweetie, that is not a penis, that is just pathetic. And paying for my time does not require me to go anywhere near it. You’ve been denied your whole life and you finally built up the courage to pay for sex… but I’ve just reinforced the rejection. […]

White Toes Too Good For Brown Dick

You’re nowhere near what Danielle Trixie would call a worthy cock. In fact your brown cock is quite inferior. But that doesn’t mean she won’t tease you with her big black dildo while you sit there and jerk that useless burnt pin dick in your panties. Custom Request: “I am East Indian and get rock […]

The Need to Be My #1

I can’t help it you’re so easily seduced. And I’m not even trying. Not at all. But I will use it to my advantage. Stroke yourself for me. Stroke to thought of being my good boy. To the thought of giving you purpose. To the thought of being my number one goto when I want […]

Paying for My Pedicure

You worship my feet so it’s your obligation to take care of them. My feet deserve the absolute best. And don’t forget to tribute the tip.

Worship Her Soles

Jessi describes her wrinkled feet and how she wants you to lick them clean. Her wrinkles are so sore from being on them all day and a massage would be nice. Just being in the sheer presence of her pretty size 8’s is worth it all.

You’d Rather Be Denied

No orgasm is better than experiencing release without my control. In other words, you would rather be denied by me than achieve an orgasm without me guiding you through it. You need my jerk off instruction. You need my tease and the agony I create if I so choose. There is no better reward than […]