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Daniella’s Punishment

You’ve been a bad boy and deserve to be punished. And Daniella’s punishment is no joke. Complete and total control over your life.

The Foot Bitch

The foot bitch can’t get enough. He needs to worship what he craves. So the foot bitch is going to beg me to take complete control over him with my feet. He kneels before and watches as I strip off my socks and shoes, my feet dominating his mind. Being owned by my feet means […]

Dominating Big Feet

I try on size 4.5 shoes and talk about how my massive 9 and sometimes size 10 foot completely dominates them. You can hear the seams ripping as I smash my toes over the edge. I hope my poor petite friend doesn’t mind in trying her shoes on, my feet completely destroyed them.

Nyxon’s Evil Trick

Nyxon is so excited you’re finally going to hang out with her and “do it…” Do it as in… not quite conventional sex. More along the lines of using a strap on. “On Me? NO! NO! NO! On YOU!” Common let’s try it. You told her you were adventurous. Now open that big mouth wide. […]

Halloween Cock Whore

We cross paths at a Halloween party. You’re dressed in silky slutty pink lingerie with a full face of makeup and I’m dressed as a dominatrix. We’re instantly drawn to each other. I suggest I grab us some drinks and meet up in an empty room. You slowly start nodding off. I’ve put you under […]

Oiled Wrinkled Soles

The million dollar view, the view the old man can’t get out of his head. So moist, so gummy and I haven’t even given you the dripping sloppy view yet. Watch me slather them up. You can imagine yourself inside them old man, but we both know you couldn’t handle it. My wrinkled, oiled soled […]

Amai’s Foot Cuckold

Amai describes her date and her date’s cock while her little foot boy / cuckold makes sweet tongue love to her feet. She mocks him knowing he is a virgin and has never had pussy. He’s only good as a doormat, a foot cleaner, a foot worshiping freak. Amai gushes about the foot job she […]

I’ve Got Your Binkie, Baby!

A grown man in a diaper, listening to baby talk to get his little penis hard. Wow loser, what a Friday night outfit. How is this even hot? I guess tempting you with this binkie while I laugh at you is pretty hot considering I am giving the baby attention. OH what? Did baby wet […]

The View of Perfection

This is a sensual tease for my good boys who have earned the privilege of enjoying their stroke. – I don’t even feel like I have to say anything right now. I’ve captured you with this view. It’s breathtaking and all I want you to do is take it in and enjoy it. You needed […]

Losers ALWAYS Pay

This is not a simple jerk clip. Oh no. With me it’s always a fuck with your mind or fuck with your wallet type scenario. So listen up. If you’re a two pump chump there will con$equence$. And if you can’t cum under the pressure, you pay the loser can’t cum tax. And don’t forget: […]

You’re a Total Fag, Step-Bro!

I caught you whacking off to gay porn the other day, step-bro. And unless you want me to tell mum and , you’re going to have to suck this cock for me. Oh what? You don’t want to? Well that’s just too bad. See, I took some lovely incriminating photos while you were beating your […]

Cum Whisperer

This is a challenging cum countdown game. I count down from 100 and you stroke along with me resisting my triggering whispers. For every failed attempt resulting in premature ejaculation you owe me a tribute. Can you last?

Luxury $troke

The sting of the wallet. A little here and a little there and it all adds up. But it’s only enough to get you worked up, not enough to put you over the edge. This sting will put you over the edge. I’m that luxury. I am the finer things in life. You want to […]

Dirty Bug Step-Brother

It would be an unaware giantess clip where autumn would be my step-sister and come looking for me in my room, finding that I am not there you would voice your disdain for me and how my room is always a mess. You would proceed to begin cleaning my room all the while I am […]

Pretty Little Whore

Your little clitty is throbbing in and your soaking your panties. You feel so pretty in those panties. But you look like a whore. A slutty pathetic whore. I’ve got your cunt stuffed with a pretty little bejeweled plug. You wanna feel sexy just like me. But you can’t be like me. I’m picky and […]

Beat It To The Meat

You wonder what Johannie feels like… her big fat ass and her perky little tits. You love watching Johannie touching herself and your cock is getting rock hard… Wanna beat it? heh well the only way you can have her is if you beat off to Johannie with a big black cock in view. That’s […]

Gym Shoe Worshipping Competition

It’s seriously entertaining how easily it is to toy with you. You are so desperate for my shoes and I know it. So what if I only allowed you one shoe? You would then be put in a worshipping competition with another footboy. I’d pit you two star crossed lovers against one other for the […]

Drained Slave

Do you understand now what it means when I say you’re fucked? Do you realize it only took a couple of days for you to spend over one thousand dollars on me and I haven’t even done anything. You start thinking about me and you’ve learnt quick that when I bring you pleasure, when your […]

Danielle’s Step-Daddie

What are you looking at? Oh you’re so gross. You’re My stepdad… I mean “d4ddy..” And I know why you married My . You wanted to fuck My little pussy. So gross. A disgusting pervert lusting after Me. I know you wanna put your step-daddy dick into Me but I wouldn’t even jerk you off […]

Cleavage Ego Release

You release, you let go, you give in. Eyes drawn to my fingertips tracing my body. Countdown to orgasm and submit. That’s a good boy. That’s MY good boy.

JOI Humiliation for Tits

Coerced into stroking while I mock you. What kind of grown man begs this hard to stroke his own dick? It’s because I own your dick and you beg me for permission. Get down to your knees and really convince me to let grant permission. “Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top” is what […]

Isobel’s Little Man

Ew! Oh ew! It’s one of those pervy men. It’s fine, look all you want while I think about what to do with you… I mean I could try to capture you and keep you but I donno. You don’t really look too healthy. And omg are you popping a tiny boner? Is this the […]

Cum Whore Humiliation

Not your typical CEI session. You’ve fantasized about sucking your own load down for so long now, it’s time we made it a reality. You’re a cum whore, a cum slut, a cum guzzler. Only a filthy fuck would crave his own load. Go ahead and prop your cock up in front of your face […]

Pantyhose JOI Conditioning Therapy

You’ve come to me because your productivity is down. Your workplace has too many women in pantyhose and you just cannot stop wasting all your time staring and fantasizing. But I’m going to alleviate you of this condition. My pantyhose conditioning sessions will be a sure all cure all. From this point forward you will […]

Submit to (t)It

You told yourself this wouldn’t happen again. And yet here you are, a failed attempted to resist tit. You’ve caved, surrendered to me. Always submi’tit’ing to your weakness. Tell me, doesn’tit feel so good surrendering to my powerful weapons, the ones aimed right at you? So weak and powerless, you cannot res’tit’ me. You stroke […]

Black Dirty Foot Worship

Rachel describes how you’re going to clean each and every toe of hers. Because, well, you’re a loser and her little size 6 feet make your cock grow. High arches, lovely wrinkles. Take a nice whiff. You should feel honored to have em in your face. You’d do anything for these feet. Now take your […]

I Fuck Her – He Fucks You

You love my big white cock. And you love kneeling before me. But being worshipped is not all this cock’s been up to. I’ve been fucking your black girlfriend with my white cock and she loves it. I make her cum harder and faster than you ever could, multiple times. I love watching her fat […]