School Girls get away with it domination

School Girls Always Get Away With It

school girls get away with it

“So I am the lowly assistant dean at Your university who is always ogling the gorgeous bodies of the hot, sexy young co-eds. You never give me the time of day because I can never offer You anything of value. But now I have documented proof that You cheated on Your exams and You are going to be expelled from school. I am angry at You for how You have treated me, and I am determined to make You pay. But You are not upset or worried. You know You can have me eating out of the palm of Your pretty Princess hands in no time. Just look at Your luscious school girl boobies in Your tight, low-cut top. They make my horny male mind swim with fantasies about all the pleasurable things You could do for me. I can’t stay mad at You, especially when I am falling for You. Pretty soon I will give You anything You want to keep You smiling at me, including all the damning evidence that would get You expelled.”