Footboy’s Cuckold Manipulation

foot cuckold manipulation

Face it, you’ve been addicted to me since the day you first interacted with me. Now you’re hooked and it’s ok. It’s ok to be a loser. It’s ok to give into your desires and worship me.

I mean basically, you can fight the desire to serve me and be miserable or you can embrace your destiny and be my foot bitch.

Because that’s exactly what you are. A foot bitch and I’m going to turn you into a foot cuckold too. You’re going to love being humiliated by me and another man, down at our feet and if you’re lucky, kissing them. You’re going to be locked up in chastity while I fuck other men because you are nothing more than a pathetic loser. This is your life. Forever under my feet, forever my foot cuckold bitch.