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Sissy Shopping

Can I help you with anything today, sir? Shopping for the wife or girlfriend? No? And your selection is so all over the place. You’re shopping like a repressed girl out to get her slut on. Wait, if I had to guess I’d say you’re shopping for your sissy self. Are you learning how to […]

Small Little Penis Mocking

It only takes 2 fingers and a thumb for you to jerk off that teeny tiny penis of yours. It really is that small. Your little dicklet is so pathetic you can’t even get a f1st full. And look at those teeny tiny little fingers too! Your little clitty would get lost in my cleavage, […]

Slippery Leather Rainbow Sandals

I have trouble keeping my Rainbows on because they are so old and the leather has become slippery. I walk around whining as I struggle to keep them on. I decide I’ve had enough and kick them off for another pair. Finally I decide to wear my newest pair with less slippage and tease you […]

!Warning! Extreme Poppers

Warning! This in an extreme clip and by viewing this clip, you are agreeing you will be participating at your own risk. I will not be held accountable for your actions. I guide you through multiple countdowns multiple ways. You cannot participate in my instruction without 2 vials of juice. This is a non-stop, back […]

Truth About Findom

You can’t quit. You can’t stop coming back for more. I’m the only one that truly understand you. I’m the only one who is willing to accept you. In fact, I encourage you to continue. And it’s no longer hot and sexy unless that money, that cash is just draining from your account. I encourage that […]

Teeny Tiny Weenie

Are you sure you are a boy? I mean have you ever been with a girl? Because you are not really going anywhere with that. Tweezers anyone? haha That is NOT going to please anyone. It’s so tiny. Smaller than rice. yuck.

On Demand ATM

Tell me, how much money do you think I’ve actually drained out of you during the course of your whole addiction? You really have no idea how much I’ve taken, do you? But if you had to guess, do you think it hasn’t been enough or if it’s been too much..? Good answer. It’s never […]

Secretary Selena

She looks so sweet and innocent. Something the boss could easily take advantage of… or could he? Selena knows how bad you’ve got it for her sexy little blue panties, her long lean legs, and her sexy high heels. The tables are about to turn. Selena is about to become the boss and command you […]

Gym Butt Sniffer

My little butt sniffer should be excited cuz I’ve just returned from the gym. And you love nothing more than to bury your nose deep in my ass and sniff all my grimy sweat out. I know you love it. I know you can’t get enough of my sweaty stinky asshole. If you ever had […]

Money at My Feet

And now just any money. Your money turned my money. Cold hard cash being laid at my feet. I don’t even have to lift a finger. I don’t have to do a thing. Send it to me.

Forgive Me Father…

For making you sin. For if I were created in His image, how am I sinning by using what He gave me to my advantage. For it is you father, who is sinning by being so easily turned on by what He gave me.

School Girls Always Get Away With It

“So I am the lowly assistant dean at Your university who is always ogling the gorgeous bodies of the hot, sexy young co-eds. You never give me the time of day because I can never offer You anything of value. But now I have documented proof that You cheated on Your exams and You are […]

She’s My Foot Bitch Now Too

Come to think of it, it really has been years. Your husband has been a fool, falling for my feet for quite some time now. You can see why, you yourself couldn’t even confront me and my pretty feet have put you on your knees in his place. You now see how hard it is […]

Caged Orgasm

I know my baby’s ready for his surprise. And I’ve got something very, very special for you. And you wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings by being disappointed in my gift. I know you’ll appreciate it. Now close your eyes and wait for it! It’s a chastity cage. You told me that dick is mine […]

Shiny Blue

Nikki’s hard body teases your little dick into submission. You know there is just something about that shiny fabric butting against Nikki’s legs and ass. Wanna feel them?Wanna run your hand up and down on them? How about rubbing your dick up and down the pants.