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Daph and Kym Soft Soles

Daphney and Kym have soles to for. And you agree foot boy. So common over here and watch as they endlessly tease you with their feet while they they enjoy licking and sucking each others.

Cum On This

Tit so gorgeous, ass so tight- oh where oh where will I let him cum? Does the jerkaholic wanna cum on my tits? I bet he does. What about my ass? Too bad you’re going to cum all over your own face!

Sammie Spades Squishes Little You

What is that?! Is that a person? Wow, you’re a little man, huh? I almost stepped on you. You better watch out. You’re kinda like a little bug. If I did step on you, would you pop and crunch? Starting with your little arms, and on to your legs, and up to your head… *pop*

Chemical Rush

No sensation whether it be pain, denial, excitement, or pleasure ever feels that extreme without me inflicting it upon you. You life is dull, lackluster and you’re searching for meaning and I give it to you. Your cock twitches as all those feel good happy chemicals rush to your brain. Serotonin & dopamine flow. Which […]

CEI Hangover

And what do I mean by that? It’s very simple. Once you cum and sober up, you will be faced with the reality and the cum breath hangover of your horny actions.

Miss Tiffany’s Naked Toes

Tiffany talks about her bare naked toes. She points and wiggles em. She calls them monkey feet and describes picking up items. She’s got pretty arches and wrinkled soles.

Sweaty Rainbow Sandals

You wish you could worship my feet in my rainbow flip flops but my feet are like absolute royalty to you. And foot peasants don’t deserve royalty.

Pussy Trigger

Staring at me turns you on sure, but I know the real trigger. The real image that when seen, your cock pulsates and starts to throb uncontrollably. I know when you see my little pussy from behind, you can no longer control yourself. So close you can see every detail. So close you can almost […]

Enormous Hannah Towers Over You

Poor little man. Or are you? I think you enjoy the thrill of being trapped underneath me, anticipating the final moment of your pathetic existence. All it would take is one little stomp. Maybe a squish between the toes. Or how about my round plump ass slowly coming down upon you until it all goes […]

Orgasm Control Calendar Follow Up

If you are or have followed my Orgasm Control Calendar, purchase this. If you haven’t taken the plunge and purchased my orgasm control calendar, buy it and enjoy my control over you.

My Pussy

This is as close as you will ever cum to my pussy… or is it? You need to smell me, to taste me. And the closet thing you will get is owning a pair of my panties. Not only do I tease and fuck with your head, I give you instructions on how to own […]

Cuckold’s Place

The scraps Mistress Tiffany throws at you are more then you deserve. Living through her sex life in order to satisfy yourself. How utterly lame and pathetic. You are truly a loser. But I guess all considering, it’s the best sex you’ll get.

One Lick

My friend let’s me borrow her little play toy (you) and I just cant get enough. I toy and tease with you. I threaten you… all in good fun but she warn me not to take a lick though, one lick just wouldn’t be enough…