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Your Secrets

I know more about you than anyone else. I know your deepest darkest secrets. I know what makes you tick. And only I can allow you that release. That outlet to ensure you keep going. Now tell me, how have you repaid me?

Tay and O’s stinky Shox

Tay and Orias exploit your perverted foot fetish. They have both come back from the gym in their Nike Shox and know how obsessed you are with them and their Shox! Stinky socks, sweaty feet, and gym shoes turn you on. You won’t even deny it, you just sit back and enjoy the foot funky […]

What Would I Want?

Would you rather make me happy or jerk off and cum knowing it’s blah / mediocre for me? Ask yourself while you jerk to my instruction, “What would Meggerz want?”

Juicy Booty

This clip is a ripoff… or is it? Anything with my perfect ass is NEVER a ripoff. But you will have to purchase it and see for yourself just why I am labeling it as so.

Flaccid Piece of Worthless Skin

I know what you want. A nice rear view of Sarah’s ass in her flesh colored hose. WTF? common jerking that thing should get you nice and hard. How many Viagra do you need to take to work that little dick of yours. I mean Sarah was nice and wet but now watching you struggle […]

Stuffed Cunt

This isn’t a butt plug, no. For you it’s a cunt plug. You only have a cunt and a clitty down there and I am going to train it. Stretch you open wide and plug your hole.

Ass Muncher

Dirty ass licker. Look at it, common get in there. Get on Nikki’s amazing ass with your little face. Munch on her ass. Yea just the site of it makes you go gaga. It’s hard to control your cock with this ass. Smell that asshole. Oh yea, let’s get dirty too. Common, you’d dle to […]

Only For Money

You pull that credit card out and you buy more. More of my attention, more of my time, more of my humiliation and no matter how many pre cum tears your cock cries, the loser still doesn’t get to stroke.

Elan’s Bikini Body

Just look at this little Asian bitch, you could only dream of having a date with her. But of course your dreams NEVER come true. Keep staring with your hard little pecker. It’s so small it’s not even noticeable.

Even Lower Than a Foot Bitch

You want my feet and I know it. You can only orgasm to my toes and you do it daily. But that’s not low enough for you. No, you need my pee. You fantasize about being on your knees worshipping my pointed toes while my hot steamy piss drips all over your face and body.

Free The Nipple

Search the web for “tits.” They’re free. They’re everywhere. But you pay top dollar for mine. You even pay to be ripped off, denied, and rejected. No nipple for you.

Losing Focus

I’ve noticed that you’ve lost focus on the most important everything in your life. You’ve lost focus on me. And I’m not even quite sure I understand how that’s possible. The fact that you are deriving pleasure out of other time wasting activities is absurd. So let me give you one final reminder of what […]