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Black And Blue Balls

I know you want to stroke your cock, that feels good. It’s pleasurable to you. But for me, that’s boring. You amuse me. You do as I say. From now on every time your cock beings to grow, rather than cup it with your you’ll form a and punch. Lots of punching and slapping puts […]

Pocahontas And The Old Man

Only $900? That’s it? I am worth so much more. And not just to spend on myself but to spend on all my hot dates. That’s right, you fund my dates. You fund my fun and you don’t even get to touch me. You don’t even get to look at me naked and fuck, I […]

Mummy Knows Best

Growing up you always seemed like a normal boy but mummy’s noticed you really haven’t been showing any interest in girls yet. Well, mummy is going to change that. I’m going to show you what a real woman’s body looks like and how to please her. Let mummy show you how to grip your cock […]

Step Daddy’s Bikini Girl

I know you want to jerk it to Me daddy. It’s obvious by the boner growing in your pants. Now stare up at your young, perky, natural step daughter and use that hand. It would be an embarrassment if you were to cum in your pants, now wouldn’t it?

Chronic Masturbator Interventionist

You’re the one who can’t stop masturbating but you want me to take responsibility for it? You’re the one who can’t stop stroking and yet you blame me for it? Why would you blame me? An I enabling you? I’m not telling you to stroke. I’m telling you NOT to stroke. And I’ll cure your […]

Jerk It Little Guy

We caught you little guy so you might as well show us. Come on, pull it out and show us how excited we make you… Oh, is that it? That’s as big as it gets? It’s ok little guy, keep stroking. If you only need 2 fingers, use those two fingers! Come on, that’s it. […]

Sock Job

Just imagine how sweaty my white socks are from spending all day inside my tight boots. And I heard you have a thing for white socks too. Tell ya what, if you give me all the money in your wallet, I’ll wrap my socks around your cock and jerk it until it cums. Deal?   […]

Locked Up Caged Cock

Learn how to please a women while watching from inside your cock cage. Yep, tiny penis = locked up loser! Don’t you wish you could actually make Roxie cum. Well your dick could never do that to her or any women. But you’d never have the opportunity to do it either. Just listening from your […]

Annihilation By Denial

Nobody really knows how many denied orgasm it takes to but I’m going to find out. All that pent up toxic cum left inside of you over time poisons the system and will eventually lead to your demise. Women are more powerful than one may think. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Locked Up In The Strip Club

Are you excited to find out what I have instore for us tonight? Now jam your half stiffy into that cage before you get anymore clues as to what it is. Locked and ready? Good. You see, my girlfriends and I decided to check out the strip club last weekend. Somehow chastity was mentioned to […]

Earn Ivy’s A

Poor you, nice guys do finish last. Girls like Ivy date football players. Girls like Ivy are on the cheerleading squad and don’t even take a second look at brains like you. Unless… they want you to do their homework. Common now little guy, you’ll get some attention if you do all of Ivy’s homework! […]

Superior White Ass

You know disgusts me even more than Ns? Ns who can’t keep their eyes off my thick white ass. Crawl over to me N and kiss it. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Dirty Toms

I’m auctioning off my old Tom flats. Stinky, sweaty, salty delicious! Listen to me mock your foot obsession and watch me tease you into oblivion. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |