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Born To Obey

Little nagging twitches… constant reminders that you need me. You achieve my permission to stroke by obeying me. The urge is growing stronger. Becoming harder and harder… to ignore. But you will not stoke and you certainly will not cum without my permission. You were born to serve, born to obey. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY […]

Nikki’s Knee Socks

you wanna sniff and smell Nikki’s knee socks. She’s going to shove them into your face and you’re going to take a giant whiff. Go on, get hard. Get hard to Nikki’s feet. She wiggles her toes in your face and then slowly strips off her knee socks. Once her bare toes are out there […]

Spit Bitch’s Jerk Off Instruction

The bitch has a bottle of my spit and I’m going to tell him exactly how to use it. Maybe you taste a little, maybe you drink it. Maybe you jerk off with a little or maybe you just dump it all over yourself before you cum. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Fucked Up On Fumes

Small bouts of 15 count inhales. This time we’re doing little sprints, not marathon sniffs. I get you super fucked up and there’s a surprise ending. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Tits & Big Dicks

You love me, you love my tits, annnnnd you love jerking off to cock. Thick dick, fat dick, your clit throbs to dick porn. You can’t get enough of juicy cock. Or my tits. So why not mock your little addiction while I titty tease you? | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Titty Stroke Marathon

Just like !Warning! Extreme! I take you on a back to back huffing and stroking marathon. You stroke when you sniff and you enjoy being made to jerk off as I say. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

You’re NOTHING Without Money

You’d think the title would explain it all but just incase you can’t quite get it though your head, I make that very clear for you. You can’t even jerk off without spending me your money. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Cock Sucking Whore

Is your cage on? I don’t want you to enjoy my rough throat fucking too much. You know how I like it. I love smacking you in the face and skull fucking you. I love pounding your cunt and turning you around to clean all your juices off, ass to mouth. I love emasculating and […]

Cry Baby

Dixie and Candle are not your run of the mill babysitters. They are cruel, mean bitches! And you better get your ass in gear baby boy. They tease and taunt you. They make fun of you for being such a big boy in diapers. And best of all, they know mommy isn’t around to protect […]

Instant Gratification or Always Mine?

Imagine that caged cock of yours rubbing against my sweet, soft ass. But do you really want me to unlock you for a one time release? Wouldn’t you prefer to endure the agony day in an day out in order to stay mine? The choice is yours… I will let you have the keys if […]

Valentine’s Day Temptation

I don’t want you sitting at home all alone tonight. I want you out trying to form a connection with a woman, whether it be your wife or the first date. Because I want to be running through your mind all night ruining it for you. And halfway though your date, I want you excusing […]

Red Light Green Light

you know the rules. you jerk it on green but you stop on red. Sarah Jain teases the fuck out of your cock but there is nothing you can do but follow the rules. | JOIN NOW INSTANTLY WITH PAYPAL |

Pumping Chump

Considering you cum some easily, I’m going to use that to my advantage. I’m going to play a game with you. I’m going to edge you, I’m going to make you actually last a really, really long time. None of this one minute man garbage. We’re going to make you champ it out for at […]